Welcome to Raleigh Enterprises

About Raleigh Enterprises

Although Raleigh Enterprises has a wide-range of investments and holdings, our primary operating businesses include: Raleigh Studios, Hollywood Rentals, Sunset Marquis, File Keepers and Rosenthal – The Malibu Estate Wines. In addition to these businesses, we also have decades of experience in ground-up development, business management and creative "recycling," i.e. the repurposing or refurbishment of moribund assets. While most of our businesses appear unique, the business objectives remain the same. We strive to achieve superior returns through investment in niche businesses and properties that can benefit from our creativity and hard work. In addition to our success in our core businesses, we also have an extensive track record as an asset manager overseeing large real estate portfolios.

We are guided by several important principles:


In business, as in life, one's success is not defined by the absence of failure, but in getting up one more time than you are knocked down. That said, pay close attention and learn from your mistakes so they are not repeated.

The Golden Rule

Our customers (and employees) deserve courtesy and respect, we treat each as valuable unique individuals. This personalized touch fosters the relationships that have enabled Raleigh's progress over the years. Each day, we strive to be the kind of company with whom we would like to do business. For our customers, this means providing unparalleled, individualized service, aiming not just to meet but to exceed their expectations. For our more than 500 employees, this means providing an environment of open and honest communication to foster individual achievement, as well as team spirit. The loyalty and long tenure of our staff of dedicated professionals is testament to their appreciation of our emphasis upon personal integrity and mutual respect.

Continual Evolution

Particularly in light of the free-flow of information around the globe, we will be compared with our competition all the time. We must continually evolve and improve our products and services and regularly challenge our business even our most enduring precepts to deliver our products and services more cost effectively. Tomorrow, we have to deliver "smarter, faster and better" than we did today.

Complacency Equals Death

In the entrepreneurial spirit upon which Raleigh Enterprises was originally founded, we pride ourselves on developing creative business solutions for the needs of each customer. We continually expand our knowledge in order to improve the quality of our performance. While we generally adopt a financially conservative approach that has enabled us to weather the inevitable down cycles of business, we never allow ourselves to become complacent. Given the increasingly rapid pace of change in the world, we constantly challenge the underlying assumptions about even our most enduring precepts. We also must consider how changes in technology or social trends may render either a product or the underlying model upon which a business is based obsolete in a relatively short period of time.